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because people who can’t cook rely on mcdo. huhu #goodbyehealthyliving

April. 13. 2014. 09:12 pm


So i went to glorietta today. I really don’t know where that was because that place is really big, plus glorietta, greenbelt, rustan’s, and landmark are connected to each other. I just went there to buy a new pair of shoes since my left shoe just started to open.

I just really don’t like salesladies and salesgentlemen who are pakialamero/a. When i went to the sapatos area kanina, this saleslady approached and said “pwede nyo pong sukatin, ser.”

Okay naman ang pagkakasabi nya eh, kaso lang, di ko naman siya tinatanong. Nainis ako bigla. Kasi unang una, ayon sa nakatatanda, never talk to strangers. Pangalawa, di nya naman kailangang iremind na pwedeng sukatin ang shoes. Meron bang tindahan ng sapatos na di pwedeng magsukat kung kasya ba o hindi? Pangatlo, Hindi kailangang iremind na pwedeng sukatin ang shoes kung wala ka namang planong bumili, kasi tinitingnan mo lang naman, kasi kapos ka.

Nakakainis lang kasi. huhu. Tinitingnan ko lang naman kung afford ko ba bago ko bilhin. Ang sarap saguting ng “I’ll call you if i need you.” But i was such a very good person, kaya nag walk out nalang ako. kasi di ko afford. haha huhu

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I need this

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April. 11. 2014. 07:30 pm


Yesterday, i downloaded Sim City 4 from kickass.to. I waited for an hour or two bago madownload. Tas nung na download na, syempre i was excited kasi i’ve been wanting to play that game. kaso the instructions were very hard to understand. It’s not that i don’t understand english but it’s just that hindi lang talaga understandable ang instructions. Nakakalito. Hindi clear. I tried to follow all the instructions AS IN ALL. including downloading this daemon tool, etc.

I did. Unfortunately, when i downloaded that tool (for extraction daw), may ibang tool na nadownload which is causing this annoying TUVARO search engine. everytime i open google chrome, laging may nag-oopen na ibang tab para sa TUVARO.

So i did a research on how to remove this, lahat ng nabasa ko, kailangan mag download ng software to remove it. And the thing is, the software are not for free.

Tas may isang site, sabi check daw regedit.exe to delete some keme. What i did was marami akong dinelete. only to find out may specific pala na keme na idedelete. huhu.

I remember the last time nasira ko yung PC namin was when i was in 1st year college, pinakialaman ko yung mga files tas nag delete delete ako tas pag restart sa PC, di na siya ma-on. I hope gumana pa rin to after ma restart. huhu

Huhu. Gusto ko lang naman maglaro ng Sim City eh. =(((

April. 10. 2014. 07:17 pm
Ate: Ano gusto mo, pancake for breakfast, or pancake for snack? Me: SPAGHETTI
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I was in Pampanga yesterday, waiting for a UV Express van going to Cubao, very early in the morning —-7:15 to be exact. It was near Savemore (the tricycle driver told me so). When I went there, there were already a lot of people. Then i noticed this old lady, she was wearing a blue duster and she has this tunkgod to help her walk. I dint know she was a pulubi until I saw her approaching and she was asking for money. I felt sorry for her so i made kuha a 5-peso coin (because i only had 2 5-peso coins that time, so i left one for me. hihi. #RESERVATION)

Then i came to think, how long does the old lady stay in that place to hingi ng money from people? Because if she stays there for eight hours, and every tao gives her 5 pesos, and there are 70 pasaheros who are in line in one hour, then she would get 350 pesos in just an hour, 2800 pesos in 8 hours, 84000 pesos in 30 days (since she has no rest day! #WOWMath)

Ang galing diba? I wouldn’t be surprised if she brings an iPhone while making hingi ng barya. I’m just kinda jealous kasi she doesn’t have to be interviewed and be asked for the dreaded questions “Can you tell me more about yourself?” and “Why should we hire you?”

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been drinking this #MinuteMaid #PulpyMangoOrange #juice for three days already because i’m tryna live a healthy life. it’s healthy naman diba? since it is orange-y and mango-ey… hihi

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Oh, today has just been awesome. I went to McDonald’s for lunch (just because i dint know where to go. I was thinking of buying a mango float from Mini Stop but i ended up in mcdo ordering a regular burger and a sundae). I told the counter-girl that i wanted a regular burger with no french fries and a chocolate sundae with no chocolate. Because i was afraid that she might add chocolate, i had to repeat the no chocolate part. And it worked. HAHA. I should have taken a picture of it because for the first time in forever i was able to order a chocolate-less sundae!!! HIHI.

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Interviewer: What are your strengths? Me: I'm an optimist and a positive thinker. Interviewer: Can you give me an example? Me: Yes, when do I start?
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"Excuse me, anong oras sa relo mo?" is one of the questions in life that are hard to answer. Mas mahirap pa siyang sagutin kaysa sa "Why should we hire you?" or "Can you tell me about yourself?" Di porket may relo ka, mababasa mo ang oras within a split second pag tiningnan mo ang relo mo. Nakakapanic lang pag may nagtanong sakin kung anong oras na. It’s been the third time this week na tinanong ako and before i could tell them kung anong oras na, i couldn’t help but panic. Malay ko ba kung holdapper ang nagtatanong gusto lang mag build ng rapport bago mang holdap or tinetest nya lang ang ability ko to read time and my communication skills kung pano ko sabihin ang time. HUHU. I hope the next time i get asked about the time i would be able to respond (with the accurate time without stuttering and with OPTIMUM VOICE) sa loob lang ng 30 milliseconds.